Your Body. Your Birth. Your Baby.

Kathleen Philbin, certified midwife in West Palm Beach, has been providing caring support to mothers since 1998.

Every woman, baby, and family is unique, and so Kathleen believes that their care should be unique as well. Select Women’s Healthcare provides a completely tailored experience, comforting mothers while remaining highly accessible through the transitions of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We believe that every woman should have the best birth experience possible.

Kathleen delights in caring for woman and mothers at all stages and is committed to remaining available around the clock. Her patients can trust that she will be there to answer calls and offer support day or night. 

“As your private midwife with over 25 years of obstetric experience, I will care for your gynecologic and obstetric needs in a personalized manner with accessibility to me on a 24 hour basis. I don’t just deliver babies, I individualize your birth experience to enable you to have a safe birth in a hospital setting that includes your family and loved ones. From water birth to epidurals, I support your birthing goals in a respectful and nurturing environment.”

~Kathleen Philbin, MSN, MBA, CNM
West Palm Beach, Florida

 Services Provided at Select Women’s Healthcare:
Breast Exam – Breastfeeding Counseling – Contraception – Family Contraceptive Care – Family Counseling – Family Planning Services – Gynecological Exams – Menopause Evaluation & Treatment – Natural Childbirth – Pap Smear – Pelvic Exams – Pregnancy Care – Prenatal Care
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